Coronavius Update from Israel – 13.10.20

Tuesday, October 13, 2020   Dear Friends, We hope that you and your families had an enjoyable and healthy holiday period despite all the challenges. While the situation continues to be uncertain, we are cautiously encouraged by the fact that the case rate in Israel is now appearing to be headed in the right direction. […]

Corona update from Israel – 07.07.20

Dear Friends, In light of recent developments, we are taking this chance to be back in direct touch regarding Shaare Zedek’s Corona response. Knowing that this period continues to be challenging, we begin with our sincere hope that you and your families are healthy and well. We further hope that you are all best responding […]

Something to celebrate

There are some people doing a little happy dance right now at Shaare Zedek Medical Center Jerusalem / המרכז הרפואי שערי צדק and we think they deserve to, just a little, don’t you? Keter Department A in Shaare Zedek Medical Center which was the first department in Jerusalem opened to treat coronavirus patients has closed after the […]

An Update from Israel – 03.05.20

Dear Friends,   We hope that you and your families continue to be well and remain healthy during this continuously challenging time. There is undoubtedly considerable optimism that Israel’s first major Corona wave is behind us.  Guided by the statistics and local trends, this is now the principle which is guiding our hospital’s current Corona […]

What it is like to be (male) nurse in the Corona-Dept.

In nursing school we learnt about the importance of connecting with the patient and the importance of a close bond. Before I worked in the Corona-Dept. I worked in the Oncology-Dept. In the Oncology-Dept. I took care of patients who were severely ill and I was close to them, I was there when they needed […]

An Update from Israel 27.04.20

יום שני ג’ אייר תש “פ Monday, April 27, 2020 Dear Friends, We sincerely hope that you and your families and friends all continue to be well and in good health. While we understand that the very real threat from Corona remains and will be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future, we […]

COVID 19 – An update from Israel

Dear Friends, We very much hope that despite the difficult circumstances, you were able to enjoy your time over Pesach. We are thinking of you and praying for better days for all of us very soon. Pesach at the hospital was certainly unique and challenging. As you can see from the photos, we succeeded in getting […]

Coronavirus update from Shaare Zedek – 30.03.2020

Dear Friends,   The situation has united us in a way like few other events in history.  As we witness what is occurring in places like New York and London, please know that our hearts are with you.  From the media coverage and brief reports we get from colleagues there, we understand the devastating scope […]

Shaare Zedek’s first patient to recover from Coronavirus leaves hospital!

  After 13 days of hospitalisation in our Keter Department, Shaare Zedek Medical Center’s first patient to recover from the coronavirus was released. We are very happy to share, “Simcha Friedman, 46 years old from Maaleh Adumim is no longer ‘confirmed coronavirus patient number 77.’” It was very moving as Simcha came out of the […]

COVID 19 – An Update from Israel

Dear Friends, It is almost incomprehensible to think that it’s been only a week since we last updated you. Beyond our hospital having been forced to change in countless ways that we will elaborate upon below, the entire world has been transformed. Today, recognizing the enormity of our challenge, Shaare Zedek’s principle focus is now […]

Keter Nurse Update #5

Israel’s first fatality in the coronavirus pandemic was 88-year-old Holocaust survivor Aryeh Even, who sadly passed away on the 20th March. He was cared for at Shaare Zedek Medical Center Jerusalem / המרכז הרפואי שערי צדק and this heartbreaking, but beautiful account of the care Rachel Gemara gave Areyh in his final days has brought tears to all of […]