The Shaare Zedek Permanent Yahrzeit Programme provides an opportunity to remember and honour those we have loved and lost by providing a potentially life-saving gift to others. We have been honouring these memories for over 100 years and each name will continue to be honoured in perpetuity in Jerusalem.

The Permanent Yahrzeit Programme ensures that Kaddish will be recited every year on the anniversary of your loved one’s passing. On that day, the name of the departed will be recited during services when Kaddish is said at our synagogue inside the hospital.

You can also arrange an Advance Yahrzeit for yourself or a loved one, providing the comfort of knowing that Kaddish will be said annually in perpetuity for you or a loved one.

Jewish practises relating to death and mourning have two purposes – showing respect for the dead (Kavod Ha-Met) and providing comfort to the living who will dearly miss the departed (Nihum Avelim). The Shaare Zedek Yahrzeit Memorial Programme does both.

For a one-off contribution of £700, the Permanent Yahrzeit programme ensures that:

  1. During the first year of mourning, Kaddish is recited three times daily in Shaare Zedek’s synagogue, regularly attended by staff, patients and visitors
  2. An illuminated memorial plaque will be displayed on the Digital Yahrzeit Memorial Board in the synagogue for the entire 12-month period
  3. In all subsequent years, Kaddish is said every year on the Yahrzeit (date of death)
  4. A special memorial ‘bracha’ is recited on the nearest Shabbat
  5. He or she will be remembered during Yizkor prayers on Pesach, Shavuot, Yom Kippur and Shemini Atzeret
  6. Your digital memorial plaque will be displayed in the synagogue on the Yahrzeit (date of death)
  7. Your memorial plaque and light are erected in the synagogue a week before Yahrzeit and will burn until a few days afterward
  8. Every year, you will receive a letter directly from the hospital reminding you of the Yahrzeit date
  9. Your loved one’s name will be entered into our Memorial Book as a permanent reminder of your generosity of spirit

For further details of Shaare Zedek’s Yahrzeit Memorial Programme, please complete this form or call 020 8201 8933.