After 13 days of hospitalisation in our Keter Department, Shaare Zedek Medical Center’s first patient to recover from the coronavirus was released. We are very happy to share, “Simcha Friedman, 46 years old from Maaleh Adumim is no longer ‘confirmed coronavirus patient number 77.'”

It was very moving as Simcha came out of the hospital to see the staff that treated her as well as the Director General of Shaare Zedek, Prof. Ofer Merin, outside, face-to-face after her long period being treated in the Keter Department.

Simcha shared, “It all happened rather quickly, they hospitalized me immediately…I developed pneumonia with complications and with all that, I was not worried, I felt like I was in good hands. The treatment I received from behind the masks and the protective gear was caring and empathetic and my condition improved…the patients in the department became like a small family. There was a sense of solidarity and helping others among all of the patients that helped us during this challenging time and I’m sure we will keep in touch …I cannot describe my feelings of joy when I was told this morning that I tested negative for the virus…I received wonderful treatment and I want to give all the staff who treated me a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. You went above and beyond to help me recover….”

Dr. Ramzi Kurd, the Head of Shaare Zedek’s Keter Department shared, “Simcha is one of the veteran patients in this department and there were ups and downs during her treatment. I am so glad that we have reached that she is being released and that she is in good, healthy condition…”

Prof. Ofer Merin shared, “I congratulate Simcha and wish all of us that this gate will open with many more people exiting who have healed. I thank the staff of our Keter Department for their dedicated, round-the-clock work along with the many efforts of the hospital to treat the many coronavirus patients…and to cope with the global epidemic…[I also would like to thank the large number of medical teams working to treat coronavirus patients in our hospital and at other hospitals], patients need to understand the dedication and the challenge it takes to treat patients who are suffering from a disease that is contagious where each person is worried for their own health, their families are worried for their health, we have tremendous appreciation for all the medical teams that treat these patients…and put themselves at tremendous risk… The medical teams are working under conditions that are not easy, where they need to wear protective gear and have many concerns, we appreciate our team for helping you [Simcha] recuperate and we wish to all of the hospitals and all of the patients everywhere, that we will see more and more of these pictures of patients who are coming out [of the hospital] smiling. We wish everyone easier days but we know that we are not there yet. ”