Over the weekend a remarkable young man Lieutenant Nadav, was discharged from Shaare zedek Medical Centre.

A career officer in the Paratroopers, Nadav was seriously injured after being shot in a terror attack in the City of David six weeks ago.

He had been walking with his family on a Shabbat morning when a 13-year-old terrorist ambushed them. Despite his serious wounds, Nadav was able to return fire and neutralized the terrorist before being rushed to Shaare Zedek to be treated for multiple, serious injuries.

Nadav is an incredibly fortunate man. The extent of his injuries meant there were points where his body began to shut down and needed to be attached to an ECMO machine. Thank goodness his story has a happy ending.

Meeting with the doctors responsible for saving his life, Nadav had the chance to give thanks to everyone involved with his care.
“I’m told that my condition was extremely serious and I am so thankful to God that I am here with you at this time. Me and my family are so indebted to the people of Shaare Zedek who were so dedicated to my care. From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to everyone who cared for me and my family. Thank God, I will leave here for rehabilitation at Tel Hashomer hospital and very much hope that I will be able to quickly return to my army battalion, Battalion 202 from the Paratroopers Brigade and I will continue to lead my beloved soldiers in any mission that will be placed before us.”

We wish Nadav good health and good luck as he continues his journey of recovery.