Shaare Zedek has a proud history of medical break throughs and ‘firsts’ in its 113 year history. This includes pioneering surgeries that have set the path for others to follow. 

Our Cardiothorasic surgeons achieved another first for Israeli medicine in November 2014. The team removed a patient’s malignant lung tumour using a single incision.   This procedure, called a ‘thoracoscopy’ is performed using a tiny video camera and surgical implements being inserted through the opening.  Until now it has been carried out at Shaare Zedek using several incisions.

Dr Faras Abu Archer and head of cardiothoracic surgery, Dr Daniel Fink performed the recent surgery. 

“The new method has many advantages”, explains Dr. Fink. “The recovery is fast, the patient experiences a lot less pain and is left with just one little scar instead of several scars of varying sizes”

This new techniquewas developed by a Spanish surgeon named Dr Diego Gonzales who visited SZMC a year ago and taught doctors his method.