With a whisky sour under my belt – most welcome on what was snowy evening – I was ready to face the next hours of the mystery of Blockchain technology, making the guests of Shaare Zedek UK feel welcome and directed to the right part of this great building, the 14/15th floor of Rothschild, which had been put at our disposal for yet another fantastic event of Shaare Zedek – the amazing ‘hospital with a heart’.

It must be said,  like Winston Churchill’s famous saying that while all was  serene on top, underneath there was peddling like fury (just like swans)  the energy, thought and activity that had accompanied the work of the small team at the SZUK London offices that had gone into the production of this event was truly worth it.

One could tell from  the food, the service, the programme and its execution, the Panel of experts delighted, entertained and educated the audience.  Here was a topic to embrace, be embraced and to behold – through the short film on SZUK that followed the panel discussion and q and a and the ethos, work and pioneering spirit of this Medical centre which would not be ignored by the audience; mostly young, hopefully enthusiastic and wholly engaged for the evening – and hopefully for the future in enabling SZUK to carry on with its message to all those overseas (from Israel) and now engaged with the work of this great hospital.

Following the video shown and desserts and drinks being served the evening ended, but not without small groups of people staying to talk to members of the Panel, to talk among themselves – and not only about the Blockchain mysteries -but about the work of the Hospital, its stretching out beyond its doors in the international work being done in its name, the research carried out which would have an effect on the world beyond the shores of Israel and the practices which made such a difference to those who came to its doors seeking help and treatment.

There was excitement in the air, people went away seemingly exhilarated by what they had heard.  It is to be hoped that this new generation of enthusiasts will take the positive messages forward.

Photography by; Henry Coleman Images