Dr Alon Schwartz, with patient of terror attack


One of the victims of the terror attack in Gush Etzion on was rushed to Shaare Zedek to be treated.  Thankfully after only two days of care he has been able to leave hospital.

Making his way out of the cardiothoracic ward where he had been treated he was joined by his pregnant wife and had the chance to thank the doctors who saved his life, Dr. Alon Schwartz, Dr. Daniel Fink and Dr. Salis Tajer.

Dr. Schwartz recalled the patient’s remarkable recovery sharing, “After quickly assessing his condition in the trauma unit, we admitted him immediately for life-saving surgery.”  “By the next day he had recovered well and was transferred from Cardiac ICU to a regular ward and we are very pleased that he has recovered so well only days after such a devastating injury.”

The patient himself said, “We want to thank everyone, first and foremost G-d who gave me this gift of life because I know I could have been in an altogether different place. I want to thank the dedicated medical staff of Shaare Zedek and all the people of Israel who came together to pray for my recovery. My quick recovery is a true miracle as just on Shabbat I couldn’t get out of bed and here I am headed home standing on my own two feet.”

Photo Credit: Shaare Zedek Medical Centre