Beyond the number of surgeries, Shaare Zedek has proven itself as an expert in addressing a wider scope of procedures, most prominently, the Hospital’s laparoscopic procedures. Shaare Zedek is offering a service in this realm that exceeds the capabilities of all other Israeli hospitals and many leading facilities in the Western world.  In 2016, 1,455 laparoscopic procedures were performed utilizing new techniques and equipment and attracting patients from across the country and even abroad.  Particular attention has been paid to procedures aimed at removing blockages in the gastrointestinal tracts via laparoscopy.

As just one example of our particular area of expertise in this regard, Shaare Zedek’s surgeons, in close coordination with the hospital’s recently expanded Digestive Disease Institute, has been credited with helping hundreds of patients suffering from particularly debilitating conditions like Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Crone’s Disease.  Patients who have been forced to suffer the painful effects from these diseases, often for lengthy periods, gain significant health and quality of life benefits from the procedures which Shaare Zedek is able to offer them.