Dr Giora Weiser, Director of Paediatric Emergency Department at Shaare Zedek Medical Center Jerusalem is currently in Turkey with #OperationOliveBranch. Below he shares his experiences with us.

“Being part of the Israeli field hospital is a unique experience. This is my third time participating in Israel’s reaching out to other nations and offering it’s best.

Although the tragedies seen are not simple to comprehend, our ability to make the difference and help the Turkish people stand up again is a special humane experience and a true sanctity of Hashem. Being able to do a Kiddush Hashem in promoting life rather than in death empowers both those receiving help and those offering it.

We are treating young children pulled out of their home’s ruins.

On the one hand an outstanding miracle they survived so long in such conditions. We help stabilize them and enjoy watching their recovery. Yet in most cases, their survival entails the loss of family and many are left orphaned.

Although there is a language and cultural barrier- our smiles and outreaching hands have opened up the hearts of the many Turkish victims we are treating.

I am proud to be part of this team and hope that as Jews from the state of Israel we continue to do good and make the world better for all.”

Dr Giora Weiser, Director of the Department of Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Turkey