We spoke to Jeremy Feldman, from Borehamwood who is raising money for Shaare Zedek at this years London Marathon.  Here is what he had to say about prepping for the big day!


Have you ever run a marathon before?

I have yes. This will be my 6th event

How is training going?  Who do you have motivating you from behind the scenes?

Very difficult. Marathon training really begins 5-6 months out and peaks about 3-7 weeks before the event. Finding time to get out there and exercise midweek for a few hours a time can really take a toll on family time. Raising money for charity and good causes keeps me focused as I know some good will come to others as a result.

What are you most excited about / nervous about?

Most excited about being in the running pack and seeing the crowd along the route. London has a special reputation for this and I cant wait to see what its all about. Most nervous, probably the getting to Greenwich to start the run and the other logistics. Once the start horn blares, all that goes and then its just time to get in my zone and go enjoy.

Have you been given any advice or what are your top tips for pushing through the pain barrier?

I’ll be taking energy gels this time round. I’ve never used these before but hopefully they will keep my electrolytes and energy up to get over the hump. When it starts to hurt, I count rhythmically 1 to 4, then repeat. Just focusing on a repetitive loop can take your mind off the pain and allow you to recalibrate.

What is on your running playlist?

I’ve got quite a mix. Starting off with Oasis, Kiss, Blondie and Meatloaf, then through to some dance. A bit of rock, punk and old school rock and roll. You can see it here if you want to share https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2UA1qd4ty7INR9XbQ8eSdl?si=3009a3c9c42741d4

Trusty trainers or new shoes for the occasion?

I’m running in trainers only for race day. Nike Alphafly. They’ve got a special carbon footplate to help bounce my feet back up after landing and so theoretically helps reduce workload and fatigue.

What will be on the menu for your marathon breakfast or are you more looking forward to the celebratory meal afterwards?

Breakfast is all about race day porridge. 60grams of porridge, 450ml of water and then cook over a stove. Add some honey and chop up a banana. Then I’ll take another banana to the event and eat this about half hour before starting, just to keep me topped up. I always imagine a lovely huge slap up meal whilst running as a reward for finishing but the reality is that post-run, I’m always a bit too fragile to eat so much. For me, its a delayed response and about 24-48hrs later, the hunger gates open and I’ll probably eat everything I can see, including the pantry and contents of the fridge.


You can still sponsor Jeremy and please join us in wishing him all the very best for the big day!