Rachelle Goldberg – Our violin playing volunteer

Rachelle Goldberg has been volunteering at Shaare zedek for a number of years, playing her Violin and bringing joy to our patients, their family and staff members. After her recent trip to Israel from the UK we asked her why she got involved.

Shaare Zedek: Where Israeli and Arab doctors are working together to save lives

Positions are given to whoever are best qualified for the job available, regardless of ethnicity, sex or religion. We want to offer our patients the best care possible, and they come first’

Visiting Shaare Zedek

When our donors visit Israel we always ask them if they would like to visit the hospital while they are there. Mrs Garfield visited earlier this year and shared her thoughts with us.

A story of resilience and courage

Asael Lubotzky faced his darkest days when he was injured during the Second Lebanon War, read his incredible story of resilience and courage.

Claudia and Benjy Visit Shaare Zedek

Volunteering at Shaare Zedek UK gave me an insight in to the world of a small charity. The fantastic team accomplish great things to raise funds for the hospital and I was lucky enough to visit the hospital to see where all the money goes.

A thank you letter to the NICU

The level of compassion and care that the doctors and nurses at Shaare Zedek show to each and every patient that walk through their doors is remarkable.

A place without prejudice

Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem is a very special place, but until I experienced it first hand I had little idea of just how incredible and special a hospital could be.

Aliza, a Shaare Zedek miracle baby

In the summer of 2004 Reena Palmer gave birth to a baby girl, Aliza at just 25 weeks. Aliza spent the first months of her life in the NICU at Shaare Zedek being cared for by a very special team of doctors and nurses.

An innovative approach to healthcare

During my latest visit to Israel, I was fortunate enough to have been given a tour around Shaare Zedek. What struck me the most was the pioneering concept that the hospital has taken on, especially with regard to complimentary health.