Shaare Zedek’s trauma expertise, together with its central location, has resulted in the hospital treating the majority of victims injured in terror related incidents.  We have Jerusalem’s busiest ER and in 2018 treated over 163,000 patients including 34,756 paediatric ER cases.

Designed with the visionary guidance of the late Dr. David Applebaum, who was murdered together with his daughter Naava in a terrorist attack in 2003, the Emergency Department is brilliantly constructed in a ring concept, with the outer rings used for the less serious patients, while the inner ring serves as a central core of activity for aggressive and sophisticated responses to the most critical cases.

One of the most impressive innovations implemented in the ER is the computer tracking of every patient. From the moment patients arrive at the ER, they are registered in the system, which lists their arrival time, the name of the treating physician, their tentative diagnosis, their location in the department, which tests have been conducted, which drugs have been administered, which procedures have already been carried out and whether any additional procedures have been scheduled. A large tracking board in the center of the department enables staff members to determine at a glance the status of any patient.

Our ER epitomizes the synthesis of compassion and technology, and lives by the credo that we are about more than just steel, mortar and bricks. We heal with our heart, we heal with our faith and we heal with our ability to treat patients, not diseases.